Greatest Hits


4.28.2015 Back on track | Third Rail announces 10th anniversary season for 2016 and a move to Imago Theatre
4.27.2015 Theater Review | LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT by Eugene O’Neill at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
4.24.2015 Theater Review | GUYS AND DOLLS at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
3.22.2015 Theater Review | AIRLINE HIGHWAY by Lisa D’Amour at Steppenwolf
3.18.2015 The good news about bad plays: bad reviews | Uniform thumbs down on THE COMPARABLES at Seattle Rep shows critical function of reviewing alive and well
3.4.2015 Theater Review | OTHER DESERT CITIES by Jon Robin Baitz at Portland Center Stage
2.22.2015 Theater Review | THREESOME by Yussef El Guindi at Portland Center Stage
2.21.2015 Theater Review | THE NIGHT ALIVE by Conor McPherson at Third Rail
2.1.2015 This one goes to 12 | Seattle’s new 12 Ave Arts theatre transforms Capitol Hill neighborhood and local performance scene


12.13.2014 Closing out the year in style | Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s ALL THE WAY and THE GREAT SOCIETY by Robert Schenkkan are sell out sensations in Seattle
12.2.2014 Portland Art Museum security breach | Hallowed institution mistakenly grants Late Night Action access to Whitsell Auditorium
11.26.2014 Go big or go home | One week after opening, Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of ALL THE WAY by Robert Schenkkan sets all time box office record at Seattle Repertory Theatre
11.12.2014 Telling big stories on the big stage | An interview with Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan
9.22.2014 TBA:14 we hardly knew ya | A banner year from PICA shows there is a significant audience in Portland for contemporary performance
9.15.2014 Imagining a world of drag queens
9.10.2014 If you build it and spend way too much, they’ll come and we’ll still lose millions – sound good? | PDC (and thus you, my faire citizen) prepares to up ante on Portland Center Stage Armory debt forgiveness to $4 million
9.5.2014 Saddle up! | What makes a great brand? Painstaking attention to the smallest of details
9.4.2014 Who will advocate for THE AUDIENCE? | As traditional arts journalism craters, paid sponsorship creeps into editorial content
8.3.2014 Theater Review | THE GREAT SOCIETY by Robert Schenkkan at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
7.27.2014 Society for the Preservation of Tragedy: Epidemic misuse of terms ‘tragedy’ and ‘tragic’ in everyday discourse undermines meaning of ancient dramatic form
7.12.2014 Theater Review | THE QUALMS by Bruce Norris at Steppenwolf Theatre
6.6.2014 Locking on the wrong target: Blowing up dams is so 1983 | Kelly Reichardt’s NIGHT MOVES is an unusual misstep for celebrated filmmaker
5.18.2014 When it’s good, the audience will pay any price
4.1.2014 Mayor Charlie Hales announces new blue ribbon panel to combat epidemic of Shakespeare productions in Portland
3.21.2014 Theater Review | The Three Sisters of Greenwich Village | THE SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN’S WINDOW by Lorraine Hansberry at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a complex, unexpected portrait of the early 1960’s
3.14.2014 World premiere by Lynn Nottage about America’s poorest city is highlight of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2015 season
3.10.2014 Theater Review | THE COCOANUTS have landed – Audience powerless to resist ageless, madcap hilarity at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
2.21.2014 “Mystifyingly awful…unfathomably bad” | Fintan O’Toole demolishes OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, John Patrick Shanley’s new “Irish play”
1.28.2014 This above all else you must not do
1.18.2014 Portland in denial that Third Rail’s sold out blockbuster NOISES OFF has actually closed


11.19.2013 Stung by expropriation of their art form by theatre, hip hop artists vow to incorporate more Shakespeare
11.13.2013 You don’t have to go to London
10.21.2013 Theater Review | THE WALWORTH FARCE by Enda Walsh at New Century Theatre Company
10.8.2013 It’s not about cost | It’s about quality
9.18.2013 What a top notch festival looks like
9.12.2013 Design | When the art is good, the technology is good – and vice versa
9.10.2013 Is it art? How about: Is it fun?
8.30.2013 Food | Portland culinary leader Higgins switches to 100% grass fed beef from fourth generation Carman Ranch in Wallowa, Oregon
8.27.2013 Theater Review | STU FOR SILVERTON by Peter Duchan and Breedlove at Intiman Theatre Festival
8.25.2013 Seattle’s Intiman Theatre still has it
8.23.2013 When branding goe5 terribly wrong
8.16.2013 Lincoln Center’s new Claire Tow Theater takes its place at the top of New York’s small stage ecosystem
8.11.2013 Theater Review | THE HEART OF ROBIN HOOD by David Farr at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
7.24.2013 Design | The last millimeter – Without a good UI, even the best data fails to connect
7.23.2013 Seattle prepares for operatic August | Wagner’s RING at Seattle Opera draws thousands of fans from all over the world for sold out, four night epic
6.18.2013 Marketing | The subject is your subject line
2.27.2013 Inside Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Thomas Theatre
2.11.2013 Ireland’s leading theatre critic takes center stage in new popular protest movement against bank bailout


11.28.2012 Opinion | The playwright’s name is a fundamental part of the brand
11.18.2012 Theater Review | A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM for the ages at Portland Center Stage