Imagining a world of drag queens

As stone age macho f@#ks sweep across the Middle East and a crescendo of mostly male-driven violence envelops the physical and virtual realms, it’s worth asking:

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all drag queens?

Wouldn’t it be more peaceful, more gentle, more alluring – and a hell of a lot sexier?


How could wars take place if everyone were in drag? How could Obama order drone strikes wearing a two foot beehive wig? How could Putin invade Ukraine in a pink satin dress? How could Rumsfeld announce “Stuff happens” white batting exquisite lashes?

How could you drive a tank with high heels on? How could you operate a machine gun with three inch nails? How could you inflict violence on the planet or any other living thing when you are channeling the sacred feminine?

You couldn’t.

Freedom on the move.
Freedom on the move.
In living color.
In living color.
I'll take Baghdad.  But I prefer Casablanca.
I’ll take Baghdad. But I prefer Casablanca.