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Looking for drama in Portland, Oregon?  Here’s your guide to theatre in America’s soggy Northwest paradise.


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April 10, 2017 OSF-commissioned SWEAT by Lynn Nottage wins 2017 Pulitzer

March 29, 2017 Is Broadway the right place for SWEAT?

March 26, 2017 A blast of 70’s comedy and chaos at Third Rail

February 6, 2017 Review: ASTORIA at Portland Center Stage is a wooden historical melodrama

January 18, 2017 Disjecta’s Founder Bryan Suereth explains the story behind his ouster

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A MAZE by Rob Handel at Theatre Vertigo

That Pretty Pretty or the rape play

V A S A L I S A Promo Poster

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Portland Theatre Scene is your one and only source for independent news, reviews and commentary on live theatre in Portland, Oregon.  We also cover shows in Ashland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and other points unknown.

As traditional media crater and booster blogs proliferate, it’s harder than ever to find knowledgeable guidance on what shows to see.  When so much of today’s arts coverage reads like a press release written by high school interns, count on us to cut through the noise.

The standard small town arts booster is simply thrilled when there is a show (any show) on.  The bar here is a little higher.  Portland’s audience is busy, they have things to do.  They don’t need to be turned out every time someone has the brilliant new idea to do THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST with genders reversed.  But when there is something worth their time, something as cool as Portland, they’ll be there.

You’ll find no paid advertising on Portland Theatre Scene, no conflicts of interest, no lengthy discussions about how to best apply lipstick on a pig.  The mission is to help audience members dodge and mines and find the good stuff.

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There will be drama

“They’re only words… unless they’re true.”

Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet (1988)

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