Got mobile? | Most theatre web sites not ready for Google’s search algorithm update

Ready for the next Google search algorithm update?

Starting Tuesday (4/21), a web site’s mobile-friendliness will start to factor into Google’s search results. So if your web site isn’t mobile-friendly? It’s going to get even harder for the audience to find you.

SEO itself is a bit of a foreign concept to arts groups, and many sites will fail this test.

How important is good or even basic SEO to your brand? Give a little Google to “portland theatre” and see what you find (below the ads). If you’re a theatre, your goal is to land on top of that list.

You can check whether your URL is mobile-friendly here.

If your web site isn't mobile-friendly - you'll soon be dropping farther down in search results.
If your web site isn’t mobile-friendly – you’ll soon be dropping farther down in search results.