Did He Like It? | The iPhone app shows how easy it can be to get the info you want

You are already, surely, a devout reader of Ken Davenport’s blog The Producer’s Perspective.

If not, go sign up. We’ll wait. Waiting…


And what about Did He Like It?, the ingenious way to track all New York Times reviews (and also other outlets) in one place – also by Davenport.

No? Go sign up. We’ll wait again. Tra la la…

Now. There is also an iPhone app for Did He Like It? Have you downloaded it yet? No?

Then go here pronto.

So. Now that you have it – glory in its functionality. In one simple app, you can find any show and see what the all mighty NYT thought of it.

Pretty cool. The app shows just how easy getting the info you want should be – or already is.

Putting on the new product hat… Imagine a single app with all reviews for shows anywhere in the world. You simply search by city, show, playwright, etc. You can set up alerts so that you get reviews for any company, theatre, playwright, actor etc. you care about. Now that would be powerful.

Surely Davenport must be working on it…

Right there on your phone - the Ben Brantley action  hero.
Right there on your phone – the Ben Brantley action hero.