“Northern Soul” season at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre features new plays from two of Ireland’s greatest living playwrights

New Executive Producer Jimmy Fay is wasting no time putting his stamp on next season’s programing at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast. Yesterday he announced “Northern Soul” for 2014-15, a season full of plays that relate to the North.

Among the lineup are new plays from Belfasters Owen McCafferty and Marie Jones, two of the most important (and funniest) Irish playwrights alive. Also featured will be a revival of Stewart Parker’s PENTECOST.

In recent years, as arts funding in the Republic has imploded, a lot of the most exciting theatre action on the island has been in Northern Ireland. So if you’re planning a theatre trip, do not miss a stop in Belfast (which locals affectionately refer to as “this shithole”).

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