daily digital: Ireland’s Pan Pan Theatre shows how to show

Tell the audience something they don’t know.

They know you have a Facebook page. They know you’re on Twitter. They know that if they desire to give you money, presumably you have a way to accept it. They (may) know your shows are “invigorating”, “cutting edge”, “inspiring”, etc.

So if they know all that boring stuff already – don’t tell them again. Instead, dispense with all that and tell them something they don’t know. Or better yet – show them.

Ireland’s famed Pan Pan Theatre has a web site so simple and effective, you might think it hasn’t changed in 20 years. And yet it stands out from all the clutter.

And – what a coincidence – so do Pan Pan’s shows.

Any time you find yourself about to write “We’re on Facebook”, replace it with “We have a telephone” and test the effect this news has on a friend’s pulse.

Less is always more.

Assuming you have the more in your work.

Just you and the art.
Just you and the art.