WILDE TALES at Shaking The Tree opens October 11

Wild(e) and witty.

These days, (almost) all of Portland’s exciting theatre action is happening in the smaller spaces.

Full of passion and free of financial overhang, artists in these less traditional venues can focus on exactly what what they want to do.

Which is make art.

Their approach is the heartfelt: “What is the story we want to tell?”

And not the deadening, box office driven: “What can we put on that will make them come?”

It's happening in here.  Shaking The Tree's home on SE Stark.
It’s happening in here. Shaking The Tree’s home on SE Stark.

The results from these smaller scale projects are usually pretty fantastic.

And right on cue as the fall season kicks in, here’s another production of note from one of Portland’s leading small outfits, Shaking The Tree.

Wilde Tales

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

Adapted by Karin Magaldi

Directed by Samantha Van Der Merwe

Shaking The Tree Theatre

1407 SE Stark Street

October 11th – November 9th


Friday/Saturday 7:30pm
Saturday 2:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm (!)

Tickets are $22 ($18 for Students and Seniors)

You don't want to miss a single Shaking The Tree show.
You don’t want to miss a single Shaking The Tree show.

You could miss this show.

You could do that.

But then we’d have to come up with a zinger bon mot to convey how catastrophically silly that would be.

Maybe something Oscar Wilde would have said?

“The only thing sillier than missing a Shaking The Tree production, my dear fellow, is…”

Something like that.

So don’t miss it.

Just don’t.

The space is small, so expect a completely sold out run as soon as it opens and word spreads.

AND THIS UNHEARD OF BONUS: The show runs in the beloved Sunday night slot!

What else do you need as an enticement?

Some elegant, exotically dressed Irish guy in a top hat, pulling up in front of your house in horse carriage to physically transport you over to SE Stark?

We could arrange that.

Shaking The Tree.  Set up for last year's FAR AWAY.
Shaking The Tree. Set up for last year’s FAR AWAY.