Water in the Desert receives lifetime gift of $25K each year for the next 25 years

25 x 25.

It’s never a bad thing for a small arts organization to receive a donation of $25,000. An amount like that can make all the difference between merely surviving and thriving.

By what about getting $25K a year every year – for the next 25 years?

That’s just what’s happened for Water in the Desert, one of Portland’s leading art outfits and the brainchild of Mizu Desierto. WITD announced the gift in an email on Friday afternoon.

Desierto runs the avant garde Headwaters Theatre performance space in NE Portland, traditionally home to several of any season’s most memorable performance works. Headwaters has been quieter than normal this fall, but the schedule looks to be picking up.

The new WITD endowment is sure to produce a steady future stream of much needed alternative works in the red shed next to the tracks on NE Farragut.

The Headwaters.  Your home for live performance in Portland.
The Headwaters. Your home for live performance in Portland.

50 words: AMERICAN ME by Mizu Desierto at Headwaters

Headwaters keeps the streak alive. Using butoh, dance, slow motion, projected image, spoken word, recycled junk food packaging, TV’s, feathers, flags, and the occasional piece of clothing, Mizu Desierto and crew swish down a visual runway of Americana myth, reality, and nightmare. Excellent accompanying soundscape. Not a kid’s Christmas pageant.

Thru December 14