THE PRIDE by Alexi Kaye Campbell at Theatre22

THE PRIDE by Alexi Kaye Campbell at Theatre 22

Thru Nov 19, 2016


Rendering plausible British accents – so often a challenge for American actors – here turns into a minefield of problems with a near constant barrage of detonations. Potential melodrama of story not helped by excessive directorial pauses, teeth gnashing, tearful breast beating. Setting between two eras is not clear enough. Not authentic.


LIVE! FROM THE LAST NIGHT OF MY LIFE by Wayne Rawley at Theatre Twenty-Two (Seattle)

Perfectly at home in Seattle’s new 12 Ave Arts, time-warped late night shift in convenience store hell just might be Doug’s very last. The characters keep on coming – through entrance door with annoying buzzer. Heavy 1970’s movie references and bling. Grease is the word – on corn dogs. Entire run old out.

Thru Apr 18