Catch you on The Flipside | New improv and sketch comedy show from Shelley McLendon debuts Feb 10 at Siren Theater

It’s mid winter in Portland. Hilarious, right?

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s the period in between July 4 and August 15 known as summer.

But forget about that.  Here comes something to brighten your PNW blue gray mindset right NOW.

The Liberators Portland
Funny people dressed to kill. Photo: Andy Batt.

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Your (partially glitter-free) weekend: Comedy with The Liberators and Liberace with David Saffert and Jillian Snow Harris

A weekend without glitter?



While you won’t find “Oil Money” and the other girls from this year’s preposterously successful Critical Mascara: A Post Real-ness Drag Ball around town this weekend (though put Loveball on Sep 27 at Blowpony on your radar if you want more of that), here are a few other events to keep you (partially) glittering on.

Of course it’s the closing weekend of TBA:14. You know that. So we won’t get into listing out all the still significant items on the calendar to dazzle you. If you don’t know what they are, use Ask Jeeves and find out.

But did you know about these two lil’ numbers on Saturday night?

9.20 Bad Reputation Productions – SLINGSHOT
9.20 David Saffert and Jillian Snow Harris in LIBERACE AND FRIENDS at Mazza’s – 7:30 PM

Yup, neither one is traditional theatuh, but both promise an extremely high joy/hilarity-to-dollars-spent ratio.

SLINGSHOT is the ongoing comedy program by Shelley McLendon & Co in the studio at PCS. Perhaps you know The Liberators – or any of the fleet of chariots of mirth that McLendon seems to drive ceaselessly around the stadium track that is the Portland night life scene? Oh yes.

Meanwhile at the newly rechristened space on NE Sandy that used to be Tony Starlight’s, come see classical pianist turned cabaret maven David Saffert and Jillian Snow Harris as they evoke – who else – LIBERACE AND FRIENDS.

So that could help you get your glitter on.

"Oil Money" at Critical Mascara.  A girl needs spending money.
“Oil Money” at Critical Mascara. A girl needs spending money.




Everything at once | An entertainment downpour from Portland’s hottest improv and comedy outfits hits town simultaneously this weekend

Well, here it comes. For the first weekend in April, there is quite a surge of activity from Portland’s improv, storytelling, and comedy crews coming at you.

Action/Adventure, The Liberators, and Back Fence PDX all have new stuff for you. If you tip toe carefully enough through the spring tulips, you can see MOST of it.

Start things off Thursday night with a double shot (at 8 and 10) at Action/Adventure. Friday you could catch The Liberators at IFCC. Saturday, it’s a special Back Fence PDX show at Hollywood Theatre.

And remember that SIDEKICKS is the new serial comedy from Action/Adventure running in four episodes over the next four weeks.

4.3-27 Action/Adventure – SIDEKICKS 8 PM Thursday-Sunday
4.3-26 Action/Adventure – PILOT SEASON 10 PM Thursday – Saturday
4.4 The Liberators
4.4 Back Fence PDX – REEL STORIES at Hollywood Theatre
4.5 Back Fence PDX – DON’T BOX ME IN at Mission Theater

Liberate this: The Liberators take over IFCC tonight. Improv like you read about

March is here and what’s to do?

Repel the rain and drabness and get ye to the IFCC for one night only of insanely super bad improv at the hands of Portland’s own The Liberators.

That’s tonight (March 1) at 7:30 PM.

It’s one of the best nights of entertainment you’ll find at any price in Portland. But when you factor in that it’s only $13, they’re basically paying you to come and enjoy the hell out of your evening. Where else can you do that?

These people are so good, they pose a threat to social order and national security. The NSA has allegedly been looking into exactly how they do what they do, after a former audience member called a “If you see something, say something” hotline one night after a show, reporting, “It’s just not right. This stuff is too funny. And it was only $13.”

No code has been cracked yet. But we can tell you it has something to do with John Breen’s karate moves.


Four reasons you should be at the IFCC tonight.  Photo: Andy Batt.
Four reasons you should be at the IFCC tonight. Photo: Andy Batt.

The Liberators take 100 innocent Portlanders hostage for two hours at IFCC | When released, crowd refuses to go home

With new group Administration to start things off, and mainstay improv ninjas The Liberators to bring it home, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the IFCC was the place to be on Saturday night.

The fact is: This is one of the best nights of Portland entertainment to be found anywhere at any price. Yup. And the word is out apparently – the house was close to full.

Furthermore: It’s a shame this special venue fell out of the rotation for Portland theatre. Remember back in about 2006 when seemingly every good show in town was there? Sigh.


Slingshot brings it to Ellen Bye Studio

Wow. It was all there tonight. Slinghsot brought their A game. Christine McKinley as special guest. The Liberators (Shelley McLendon, John Breen, Tony Marcellino, Nicholas Kessler) and Scott Engdahl, Brad Fortier, and Beau Brousseau. What more do you need?

A dazzling display of prowess, physicality, and John Breen’s rock hard pecs. One more night to catch them.

This type of partnership with the local scene is exactly what PCS should be doing.

All part of getting the studio warmed up for LAUREN WEEDMAN!

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Slingshot returns to Portland Center Stage March 29-30

Bad Reputation Productions, the Portland comedy power house that never sleeps, is back. This exciting company launches new acts faster than a Portland cop racks up overtime.

And they are damn good (the comedy acts).

Did you catch The Aces in the first Slingshot at PCS, back in January? Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon were at the top of their game in that show. On view in March will be folks from The Liberators and The Administration, among others.

In this next installment of Slingshot, it’s two nights of improv comedy based on hilarious personal stories told by guest monologists.

The performance on Friday, March 29 will feature guest monologist Christine McKinley from The History Channel’s Decoded. The Saturday, March 30 performance will feature monologists Julie Sabatier, creator and host of the public radio show and podcast Destination DIY; and Loren Hoskins, the voice of “Sharky” on Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

That’s right, two different shows, so you must see them both.

And speaking of the exploding world of comedy, improv, and storytelling in Portland – look for an interview with Shelley McLendon, the force behind Bad Reputation Productions, coming up soon.

Photo: The Liberators burn it down at IFCC in January.