Just in time for the weekend | SHOWS FOR DAYS by Douglas Carter Beane at Lincoln Center starts June 6

This is exactly why we pay good money to have our very own TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) in the garage. Because every now and then it tells you things you cannot afford to miss.

Like: One of the funniest men on earth is back. Back in the theater, that is.

Starting June 6, Douglas Carter Beane has a new play about his life in the theatre.

Location: Lincoln Center.

Yeah, I guess that’ll have to do if he can’t find a real venue…

“SHOWS FOR DAYS is playwright Douglas Carter Beane’s fond remembrance of his immersion into a life in the theater. The comedy is set in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1973, when 14-year old Car, the play’s narrator and the author’s alter-ego, is introduced to the world of theater through his local community theatre, the Prometheus Theatre, and its devoted cast and crew which is led by Irene, an indomitable force of nature whose life is dedicated to putting on productions she directs, designs and stars in.”

Miss this – and we might have to turn you over to ISIS. And bill you for travel expenses.

SHOWS FOR DAYS by Douglas Carter Beane

Lincoln Center – Newhouse Theater

Directed by Jerry Zaks


Patti LuPone (Irene)
Dales Soules( Sid)
Michael Urie (Car)

Some people have a way with words.  This is one of those people.  Douglas Carter Beane.
Some people have a way with words. This is one of those people. Douglas Carter Beane.

TEWS Alert! | Seattle’s New Century Theatre Company to produce west coast premiere of Annie Baker’s THE FLICK in March 2015

Well, who says our T.E.W.S. (Theatre Early Warning System) doesn’t work any more? It just jumped to full alert status with some big – nay giant – PNW news.

Seattle’s top notch New Century Theatre Company (kind of the Jet City equivalent of Third Rail, though smaller and more experimental) is the first theatre to bring Annie Baker’s THE FLICK (Pulitzer 2014) to the west coast. And they are doing it in the company’s brand new home, and Seattle’s brand new community arts center, 12 Ave Arts.

NCTC has been around for a while now and reliably cranks out the best possible small scale theatre. Last year their production of Enda Walsh’s challenging THE WALWORTH FARCE was every bit as good as the original Druid show. And that’s saying something.

In NCTC’s capable, wildly creative hands, Baker’s non-traditional, marathon play about three kids in a fading Northampton movie theatre is sure to be a season highlight.

The cast for New Century's WALWORTH.  Blake (Peter Dylan O’Connor (Blake), Sean (Darragh Kennan) and  Dinny (Peter Crook).
“Another day, another rubber chicken.” The cast for New Century’s unforgettable production of THE WALWORTH FARCE by Enda Walsh. Blake (Peter Dylan O’Connor (Blake), Sean (Darragh Kennan) and
Dinny (Peter Crook).

Liminal is back | You’ll remember, in December – When one of Portland’s most exciting theatre groups brings [watch this space] to Portland

After several months of disuse, we weren’t sure if our T.E.W.S. (Theatre Early Warning System) was still working.

But lo – the thing just sputtered into life with some very exciting news.

Namely, Liminal, one of Portland’s theatres to watch, is coming back with a December production of [information has been automagically removed and sold to big data consumers by Sergey Brin]. That’s right, they’re doing the almost never seen [information has been automagically removed AGAIN and sold to big data consumers by Sergey Brin].

Which is pretty damn exciting.

Now we’re going to just assume you know who Liminal is and that you of course saw their stunning production of OUR TOWN last year. Because if you don’t or didn’t – then we’d have to send round an ebola-gram to your house.

Liminal is one of those groups that make you remember why you go to the theatre.

So expect something novel round about December.

Photo:  Leo Daedalus and Ryan Mooney.
Liminal’s 2013 production of OUR TOWN. Photo: Leo Daedalus and Ryan Mooney.

You better find your way to Artists Rep | FOXFINDER by Dawn King opens November 2

Rarely in the history of theatre has it been a bad sign when The Guardian’s Michael Billington loves the world premiere of your play.

Old MB bedecked the 2011 London production by Finborough Theatre of FOXFINDER with an impressive 4 stars.

And now it’s headed your way via Artists Rep in a few short weeks.

Billington said:

“Dawn King’s play shines out like a beacon.”

It “…is the most compelling new work I have seen this year.”

“Director Blanche McIntyre follows last year’s dazzling Finborough revival of Accolade with another first-rate production.”

This is Michael Billington, people. When he waxes warm about a show, you best wake the [redacted] up.

Translation: IT’S GOOD.

Our high tech TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) started beeping and blinking this morning and the screen showed a pinpoint on SW Alder.

In a Portland fall theatre season still searching for a clear knockout, this could be the one.

You have been warned…

From London with love from MB.
From London with love from MB.

First notice: GOING ON by Kristen Olson-Huddle opens Sep 26 at Headwaters

Our radar has been busy tracking Headwaters events.

If you missed the recent run of DIARY OF A MADMAN, here comes another interesting piece.

Going On

Written and performed by Kristin Olson-Huddle

Directed by Debbie Lamedman

Olson-Huddle’s parents die in an unusual accident when she is young. As she grows up, she struggles with her grief. Years later, her heart breaks in a way that she thought it never could again, and reveals unresolved grief. At that point in her life, she gains the skills and finds the support to figure it all out.

Going On, Olson-Huddle’s solo performance piece, takes us on the emotional roller coaster of loss and healing. From local Portland landmarks, to the essence of her unusual circumstances of her childhood, Olson-Huddle’s portrayal of characters transports us and illuminates the powerful journey of grief, growing up, and going on.

The Headwaters Theater
55 NE Farragut

THU 9/26 | 7:30pm
FRI 9/27 | 7:30pm
SAT 9/28 | 7:30pm
SUN 9/29 | 2:00pm

THU 10/3 | 7:30pm
FRI 10/4 | 7:30pm
SAT 10/5 | 7:30pm
SUN 10/6 | 2:00pm

$10+fee online
$12 at the door

Opens September 26.
Opens September 26.

TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) picks up first radar presence of DIARY OF A MADMAN at Headwaters September 11-13

Hidden away in the sonic shadow of some still quite active train tracks on NE Farragut, The Headwaters Theatre is the kind of under the radar performance space you’d be forgiven for not knowing about or being able to find (the first time).

But it has also been the location in recent years of some of the most adventurous and rewarding theatre in Portland.

Remember Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble’s R3 last year? A season stand out.

Despite the procession of notable pieces through this venue, you have to pay pretty close attention to find out what’s happening at Headwaters.

Using a special counter intuitive logic familiar to long time Portland theatre goers, sometimes the best shows are the ones you know almost nothing about.

When you are attuned to these under the radar events, the absence of info – normally a bad sign – is in fact evidence that the show will be outstanding. The less info – the better the chances of an exciting show.

Perhaps as a result of the constantly increasing security and elevated threat levels of our age, performance details for shows at the NE Off Off Burnside space are closely held and only released at the last minute on a need to know basis.

For those of you without the time and technology to constantly monitor Headwaters and detect the first early rumblings of pending avant garde shows, staying in the know can be challenging.

So in an effort to better inform Portland’s citizens about activities in this unruly arts border zone, we have applied for and received a federal grant normally available only to the nation’s gleaming industry militarial complex.

And now, from high on Mt. Hood, our newly installed Department of Homeland Security -funded Theatre Early Warning System (TEWS – the feds love acronyms) has just reported the first radar blips for a brief, three night run of Gogol’s DIARY OF A MADMAN by NoPerks Theatre in two weeks at Headwaters.

NoPerks Theatre?

Exhaustive searches of off limits (our grant approval documents mistakenly included all sorts of login codes) federal databases reveal almost no info (that we can tell you about) on this operation.

Except that they are from New York and “Schweiz”.

That’s Switzerland, people.

And sponsored by Voodoo Doughnut.

And the show itself is a fundraiser for Nangu’s Grocery, “an income-generating gathering place and affordable store”. Located in Babati, Tanzania.

Still with us?

More recently declassified info, such as the artistic team, looks extremely promising:

Mathilde Schennen – Director, Brussels – New York
Rafael Svarin – Assistant Director, Zürich – New York
Max Usata – Actor, Bienne – New York
Igor Stepniewski – Musician, Biel-Bienne
Lew Caramella – Musician, Zürich
M – Musician, Puerto Rico – New York

Now, you might think, if unfamiliar with the theatrical Waziristan region on the city’s northern fringe:

“The show has almost no marketing, is on for three nights only, and is timed to coincide exactly with the well publicized kickoff of Portland’s largest annual performing arts festival (PICA’s TBA), a nuclear powered circus which will be sucking all the oxygen out of any other show in town for two weeks. ARE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY?”

Well, “madman” is part of the show name.

But see, what you have to do here is put on the 3D glasses and take every contrarian indicator as yet more evidence that YOU CANNOT MISS THIS SHOW.

Normally all the signs would keep you away.

But in this case, flip the circuits, and realize you can’t miss it. Because if you do, it’s going to be that one crazy show that no one saw and everyone wishes they had seen.

The only way this production could become more intriguing is if NoPerks narrowed performance times to one show only at 6 AM on Christmas morning.

You have been warned…

3 nights only.
3 nights only.
The Headwaters and a train.
The Headwaters and a train.