10 OUT OF 12 by Anne Washburn at Soho Rep

Occasionally convincing argument for ongoing irrelevance of theatre. Not without magical moments and very funny commentary via the headsets audience members wear to listen in on tech crew’s commentary in this backstage comedy, self referential work is too much inside baseball. Familiar mistaking of really existing reality for significant content.

Thru July 5

AN OCTOROON by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins at Soho Rep | Update of 19th century Irish melodrama glories in theatricality

Before there were special effects, actors created worlds on stage from nothing. OCTOROON joyously rediscovers Boucicault’s toolbox of tricks in this update of RACE! and SCANDAL! and PHOTOGRAPHY! Heavens. Featuring best one-person fight scene ever. And more. Show stolen repeatedly (but always given back) by chorus of three slave women.

Thru May 24 at Soho Rep (but mostly sold out)

daily digital: At Soho Rep, the web site is the show

Could Soho Rep’s web site get any better?


Well, it could dispense free money or Broadway tickets. But short of that – this web site exemplifies everything you want your brand to be.

It is, first of all, an experience. It is a show to watch and get you interested – just like the real show. The visuals are beautiful. There is no clutter. Every last inch radiates a cohesive design aesthetic. You click, you learn, you get sucked in.

And it’s just another WordPress blog.

The limiting factor on any brand is not the cost or the technology – it’s the vision.

Got vision?

It's art, but it also has all the info you want.
It’s art, but it also has all the info you want.

Soho Rep has another hit on their hands | First two weeks of AN OCTOROON by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins already sold out

The last show at Soho Rep, MARIE ANTOINETTE by David Adjmi, sold out before the first performance.

And the story could be the same with the next show down at 46 Walker, AN OCTOROON by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (adapted from Boucicault), which starts April 23. The run is already more than half sold out.

Jacobs-Jenkins is on a hot streak, and the planets seem to be aligning for an unforgettable spring event.

Channeling Irish vaudeville.
Channeling Irish vaudeville.

50 words: MARIE ANTOINETTE by David Adjmi at Soho Rep

The peasants are revolting. A stripped down version of lavish opulence with a heady ending. Marin Ireland is a stunning talent, verbally and physically shifting instantaneously in hilarious, deadpan style as she retails the truth that it AIN’T good to be the queen. Overall, play somewhat thin on new insights.


Thru November 24

Soho Rep set up for MARIE ANTOINETTE.
Soho Rep set up for MARIE ANTOINETTE.

Some shows you never forget

Some shows you never forget.

They stay on that short list in the all time hall of fame.

If you could watch them again on demand, over and over, you would.

But you can’t.

Because that’s the temporary nature of theatre.

It’s here – and then it’s gone.

I unfortunately missed it, but according to those who were there, Soho Rep’s 2008 production of BLASTED by Sarah Kane was one such show.

Blasting the roof off your mind.  Soho Rep's 2008 production of Sarah Kane's BLASTED.  One you'll remember if you were there...
Blasting the roof off your mind. Soho Rep’s 2008 production of Sarah Kane’s BLASTED. One you’ll remember if you were there…