Catch you on The Flipside | New improv and sketch comedy show from Shelley McLendon debuts Feb 10 at Siren Theater

It’s mid winter in Portland. Hilarious, right?

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s the period in between July 4 and August 15 known as summer.

But forget about that.  Here comes something to brighten your PNW blue gray mindset right NOW.

The Liberators Portland
Funny people dressed to kill. Photo: Andy Batt.

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Elves, reindeer, snowmen, wigs | RUDOLPH ON STAGE! from Bad Reputation Productions has it all

The gang’s all here for this Bad Reputation Productions holiday onslaught. As seen on TV – only better. Tony Marcellino does yeoman’s service as Santa. Paul Glazier on a tear with ear muffs. John Breen has hair. The narrative wanders, but for a good time where they serve beer, this is it.

Thru Dec 20

Slingshot returns to Portland Center Stage with BRINK OF EXTINCTION on Nov 15 & 16

See this show.

Or else I’ll shut down the federal government and create economic chaos. And then I’ll defund-

Cut. Wait, sorry. Wrong script. Not that one. Doubt it would work here anyway.

But unless you’re a Republican from Texas who has lost his mind (true, small things do get lost more easily), you’re probably not going to miss this show.

Because you know, and I know, and John Breen knows (in his heart of hearts – in between kick boxing), that Slingshot is not something you miss. So don’t.

What is it, you ask?

What’s with all the questions?

It’s simply a very live evening of live people doing live entertainment. Being live. All live.

You saw ROADHOUSE: THE PLAY. Some of you are still living it. This is the same crew. There’s The Aces, made up of comedy wizards Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon.

And then there’s the main event: Bryan Coffee and BRINK OF EXTINCTION.

So be there.

Or I’ll gerrymander US voting districts so angry white people all live together in an echo chamber with no feedback loop and keep sending wingnuts to Congress who-

Cut. Stop the music. Not that one. Sorry.

But I’ve gotten so used to it…


Two nights only at Portland Center Stage

November 15 & 16, 2013
8:00 pm
$15 presale/ $20 door

Things are looking up.
Things are looking up.

Slingshot brings it to Ellen Bye Studio

Wow. It was all there tonight. Slinghsot brought their A game. Christine McKinley as special guest. The Liberators (Shelley McLendon, John Breen, Tony Marcellino, Nicholas Kessler) and Scott Engdahl, Brad Fortier, and Beau Brousseau. What more do you need?

A dazzling display of prowess, physicality, and John Breen’s rock hard pecs. One more night to catch them.

This type of partnership with the local scene is exactly what PCS should be doing.

All part of getting the studio warmed up for LAUREN WEEDMAN!

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interview: Shelley McLendon – Bad Reputation Productions

For number 10 in the interview series, we get the latest from Shelley McLendon, CCO (Chief Comedy Officer) of Bad Reputation Productions. McLendon is a member of comedy / improv acts The Aces and The Liberators, among others, and famously brought Roadhouse: The Play! (an adaptation of that Patrick Swayze film you were re-watching again last night) right “to your face”, as she would say.

Or at least all the way to the stage in the Ellen Bye Studio at the Armory.

Which is relatively close to your face.

This weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, the Armory will once again be the site of yet another McLendon vehicle: Slingshot, a night of smartsexy improv.

So be there. And laugh – OR ELSE!!!

McLendon and Michael Fetters of The Aces.  photo © 2013 andy batt -
McLendon and Michael Fetters of The Aces. photo © 2013 andy batt –

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The Aces are Going Places

The Aces (Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters) are going places.

They’re also Going Places. As in, their new show of the same name is coming April 12-27 to the soon-to-go-bye-bye beloved SE venue Theater! Theatre!

What can you expect from these two talents? A lot. McLendon and Fetters are at the peak of their powers lately. They’ra all dressed up with plenty of places to go – and at the center of a white hot (hence the look below) upsurge all over town right now in the broad comedy / improv / storytelling world. These shows are more exciting than going 90 with no helmet on down the wrong side of the road at night with no lights on.

And considerably safer.

So get the white pants on, polish the teeth, and come watch The Aces burn it down to the ground.

Speaking of the comedy / improv / storytelling juggernaut, look for an interview here tomorrow with McLendon, when she’ll fill us in on Bad Reputation Productions. And then next week check back for an interview with another lady moving and shaking it in Portland’s entertainment world, B. Frayn Masters, the force behind Back Fence PDX.

Until then, keep hold of the handle bars and watch the road…

How do you know the show is going to be good?  Just look at that image.  Allez!
How do you know the show is going to be good? Just look at that image. Allez! photo © 2013 andy batt –

SLINGSHOT, a new comedy series from Bad Reputation Productions, begins January 11 at PCS with THE ACES

Coming soon – about a week away – is the first installment of SLINGSHOT, a new comedy series from Bad Reputation Productions.

If you saw ROADHOUSE: THE PLAY! and THE LOST BOYS – LIVE! you’ll know who you’re dealing with.

January 11-12 at 8PM in the studio at PCS. More info here.

Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters.
Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters. Photo: Andy Batt.