Sarah Kane’s “feast of filth” finally hits Portland | BLASTED at defunkt theatre in February 2016

Perhaps you’re one of those twisted theatre types who have Google alerts set up for some variation of “Blasted by Sarah Kane”.

Every now and then, someone somewhere decides to produce this notorious piece of mind-bending mid 90’s theatre. It’s always fun to see who does it – and how it is received.

But it has never been done in Portland.

Until now.

defunkt theatre will do “this feast of filth” (as the play was called by one London critic) in the middle slot of its 2015-16 season.

Prepare to suffer.


Some shows you never forget

Some shows you never forget.

They stay on that short list in the all time hall of fame.

If you could watch them again on demand, over and over, you would.

But you can’t.

Because that’s the temporary nature of theatre.

It’s here – and then it’s gone.

I unfortunately missed it, but according to those who were there, Soho Rep’s 2008 production of BLASTED by Sarah Kane was one such show.

Blasting the roof off your mind.  Soho Rep's 2008 production of Sarah Kane's BLASTED.  One you'll remember if you were there...
Blasting the roof off your mind. Soho Rep’s 2008 production of Sarah Kane’s BLASTED. One you’ll remember if you were there…