HANNAH AND THE DREAD GAZEBO by Jiehae Park at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

HANNAH AND THE DREAD GAZEBO by Jiehae Park at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

All the cringeworthy hallmarks of a neophyte playwright are on display here: Unnecessary profanity, inane dude patois, self-referential winks about playwriting, sitcom ham, wildly weird non sequitor lines presented as some sort of triumph, cartoon character exaggeration, awkward scene cutting, et al.

No doubt deeply autobiographical and full of meaning for the playwright – but not much here for the audience.

Even at a scant 90 minutes, seems to take forever to end.

Neck in neck horse race with THE LIQUID PLAIN for worst show ever seen at OSF.

The drama is coming | 2017 season at Oregon Shakespeare Festival opens Feb 24

It’s the New Year, and already that resolution to have less drama in your life is under pressure.

Because opening weekend at Oregon Shakespeare Festival is coming up fast.  And you can’t miss that.  If you’re into theatre and anywhere near Oregon, there is no place else to be the weekend of Feb 24-26.  So ye best plan to attend for a bard load of drama, fun and food.

As always, the season kicks off with four openings over three days.  There are many other unique events over opening weekend that make this a theatre gathering unlike just about anything you’ll ever experience.  Think of it as Broadway under the Siskiyou.  With plentiful outdoor adventure options, it’s hard to think of a more exciting weekend.  Anywhere.

Ski in the morning, consume affogatos in the afternoon, watch Shakespeare at night.  It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

May as well be you.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2017 season.
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