BLOOD ON THE BOOKS by Nick Zagone at Shaking the Tree

There are compelling dramatic threads and several strong performances here. But the central scaffolding does not always hold up. Perhaps too much direct address to audience, and not enough interaction between the characters. One thing that’s prescient though: One day Powell’s will go under. You heard it here first. Poof.

BLOOD ON THE BOOKS or THE POWELL’S PLAY – Nick Zagone at Portland Theatre Works on December 17

If these are the days when all things Portland are golden, a play about Powell’s would seem to be a hit waiting to happen.

And who could be better suited to write it than Portland playwright Nick Zagone? Zagone works at the fabled book provider and cultural rest stop, so he’s probably got more access to any underlying drama there than the rest of us.

Zagone’s work in progress is this month’s featured read at Portland Theatre Works on Monday, December 17.

Nick Zagone.
Nick Zagone.