PERMISSION by Robert Askins at MCC Theater

Farcical. But in a bad way. Unbelievably thin. About 1% the intelligence and bite of THE VILLAGE BIKE. Nowhere near good enough to be on stage at MCC. Baffling. Enough material for a ten minute joke. First act 37 minutes. Second act devolves into pointless physical chaos. Playwright and producer deserve a paddling.

Thru June 14

If you go, get $27 tickets on or at TKTS booth.

To be young, gifted and dead | PUNK ROCK by Simon Stephens at MCC Theater

Despite universal raves back in London, this play is ugly, violent, contrived and simply unpleasant to endure. Maybe guns are funnier in the UK because they don’t have any. Numerous implausibilities trip up the straight realistic story. No larger issues addressed. Like punk music cranked between scenes, it’s all attitude.

Thru Dec 7

Ravish me, beat me, murder my husband | THE VILLAGE BIKE by Penelope Skinner at MCC Theater is an incendiary bomb wrapped inside a pink bunny

In case you thought theater had lost the power to shock. A deceptive comedy turned maternal sex fantasy/nightmare that had a New York preview audience squirming in their seats. Gerwig is good, but the role is a real challenge. A play that will never, ever be done in Portland. Massive.

Thru July 13 (extended)

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