Not much of a story, old-fashioned | brownsville song (b-side for tray) by Kimber Lee at Lincoln Center’s LCT3

A rare miss for the mostly immaculate LCT3 track record at lovely Claire Tow Theater. Cliches and overly familiar down and out story lines we’ve seen 100 times before are recycled at high volume and pace that borders on caricature. Feels like a drama assignment; doesn’t ring true. Not new.

Thru Nov 16

Words with the power to kill | THE WHO AND THE WHAT by Ayad Akhtar at Lincoln Center

When first generation Pakistani-American academic Zarina writes a book that portrays the prophet Muhammed as all too human, a violent confrontation with her conservative father quickly follows. Akhtar has all the right ingredients and a top notch cast, even if some pieces in this puzzle resolve a little too cleanly.

Thru July 13 (sold out)

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50 words: LUCE by JC Lee at Lincoln Center

Skillful playwriting craft, but realistic environment coated with a thin film of sitcom tics & mannerisms. And over time, this wears. Artificial suspense manufactured from characters simply not speaking to each other. Story fails to focus on a question with sufficient consequences. Did kid do it? We don’t really care.


Thru November 17

The view from the deck at Lincoln Center's incredible Claire Tow Theater - home to LCT3.
The view from the deck at Lincoln Center’s incredible Claire Tow Theater – home to LCT3.