Milking the “Portland weird” industrial complex | THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF PORTLAND by Lauren Weedman at Portland Center Stage

Weedman is top notch, but show is unchanged from two years ago. Decision not to update material shows how desperate PCS is to get butts in seats by any means necessary at lowest cost. What was once new is now a machine. City’s largest theatre seriously lost. Time for a change.

Thru Apri 19

Lauren Weedman ignites a double shot of Back Fence PDX next weekend

You could miss next weekend’s double shot installment of Portland’s leading live storytelling format show.

You could do that.

But then, to point out your folly, we’d have to rent a plane and fly back and forth over downtown trailing a banner: “DO YOU REALIZE LAUREN WEEDMAN WAS IN BOTH OF THOSE SHOWS?”

Not to mention other talented guests.

So save yourself the dreaded late realization (and us the cost of renting a plane).

And be there.

Consider this your chance to time travel back and make the right choice.

Friday at Mission Theater.

Saturday at Disjecta.

All details, all the time.

As LIVE as you need it to be.  Two times.
As LIVE as you need it to be. Two times.

Lauren Weedman alert

According to our sources, Lauren Weedman is in town and getting ready to blow the roof of the Armory with her show THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF PORTLAND, directed by Rose Riordan.

T-18 days to the first preview.

Here’s a few shots from rehearsals in the Ellen Bye Studio. Even in an empty room with no audience, this woman is 100% amped up and funny.

Prepare yeself…


No - WE are not worthy...
No – WE are not worthy…

Introducing Weedman watch

As a public service between now and mid June, we will periodically let you know how close you are to missing out on Lauren Weedman’s upcoming show at Portland Center Stage, THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF PORTLAND.

Enter: Weedman watch

As time moves on, watch the green turn to red. Wheeeeeeeee!

Those are tickets selling out.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

It’s early days yet. But wait until she hits the stage.

Then POOF! go your tix.

You have been warned.
You have been warned.