THE SCHOOL FOR LIES by David Ives at Theatre Vertigo

What with the preponderance of canap├ęs, wigs, heaving bosoms, straining corsets, glory holes and rods of iron, life sure is dramatic here in 17th century France. A smashingly good time from the TV crew. Many enjoyable performances. Tyler Ryan labors mightily, thanklessly to keep hors d’ouevres safe despite oblivious guests.

Thru May 9


Oh behave | THE SCHOOL FOR LIES by David Ives (that ryhmes, too!) opens tonight at Theatre Vertigo

The “wheel of cheese” (aka CYRANO at PCS) isn’t the only period comedy kicking off tonight.

Cross town in just a slightly smaller space, THE SCHOOL FOR LIES, a Moliere rewrite by David Ives, prepares to cover audiences in splendid sheets of over the top verbiage and humor. Asterisk – it’s all in rhyming verse. Sounds like bawdy and filthy good fun from the TV gang.

Theatre Vertigo at the Shoebox Theatre.

Photos: Gary Norman