Words with the power to kill | THE WHO AND THE WHAT by Ayad Akhtar at Lincoln Center

When first generation Pakistani-American academic Zarina writes a book that portrays the prophet Muhammed as all too human, a violent confrontation with her conservative father quickly follows. Akhtar has all the right ingredients and a top notch cast, even if some pieces in this puzzle resolve a little too cleanly.

Thru July 13 (sold out)

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Lincoln Center’s new Claire Tow Theater takes its place at the top of New York’s small stage ecosystem

Lincoln Center’s new stage, the Claire Tow Theater, is a sight to behold.

Especially in the dark.

In the city that never sleeps, it makes perfect sense that any new structure built for the glitter bright world of show business is going to look pretty darn good at night. And when your budget is north of $40 million, you’ve got plenty of wardrobe options to work with.

But still.

Outfitted with shining bars of light, an outdoor deck, and sleek, clean lines, Claire Tow looks better than good. The theater feels like a cross between hyper modern beach cottage, urban penthouse, and international performance hall. And with tickets capped at $20, this most glamorous of New York stages is now also one of the cheapest.

Built to house Lincoln Center’s LCT3 program for developing playwrights, the new 112 seat theater sits on top of the Vivian Beaumont Theater in the heart of the Lincoln Center complex. Views of and from the new space are simply stunning. And if the current production of Young Jean Lee’s warm and original WE’RE GONNA DIE is any indication, we can look forward to future LCT3 programing every bit as exciting as the space itself.

One of the world's great theatre centers.
One of the world’s great theatre centers.

Bright lights, big theatre.
Bright lights, big theatre.

Another urban knoll to laze on.
Another urban knoll to laze on.

You look marvelous.  The view from the deck at the Claire Tow.
You look marvelous. The view from the deck at the Claire Tow.

Let's take this outside.
Let’s take this outside.

Details, details, details.
Details, details, details.

Let's take it inside.
Let’s take it inside.

The stage for Young Jean Lee's WE'RE GONNA DIE in the Claire Tow Theater.
The stage for Young Jean Lee’s WE’RE GONNA DIE in the Claire Tow Theater.