Yo Rizzo – get over here! | GREASE at Broadway Rose

An increasingly dated postcard from America’s apartheid past. Relentlessly aggressive red meat eating, tail chasing high school routine grows wearisome. Teen pregnancy issue interesting. Collin Carver steals the show as a hysterically funny bespectacled geek in plaid – and kills as an angel with a song. Kylie Clarke Johnson also impresses.

Thru May 24

A solidly rendered snapshot from white America’s vanished past | THE MUSIC MAN at Broadway Rose

Fascinating time capsule of 19th century white American mythology. One of those worlds where there’s about as much chance of seeing a black face on stage as a pack of Mujahideen. Well done, a great cast, and gorgeously infectious songs. But the stories and lives not shown here loom large.

Thru July 20