Weekend Picks: BATH NIGHT and THREE SISTERS and Back Fence PDX

In case you think you’re hearing an echo in here, this post does bear an uncanny resemblance to last week’s weekend picks.

But there’s also some new stuff.

As was the case last week, BATH NIGHT from Sean McGrath and Portland Experimental Theatre’s production of THE THREE SISTERS at Reed College are at the top of the list.

So what’s new?

Here comes a double shot of Back Fence PDX on Friday and Saturday nights. If you haven’t been, Back Fence PDX is one of Portland’s best live entertainment options these days.

If the idea of traditional, straight up theatuh (my liege) sounds a little dull right now, then check out Back Fence PDX for a fun night on the town.

Wondering which night to go? Disjecta is an unbeatable space for general coolness in NoPo. Check it out. That’s where they are Saturday.

Portland's dazzling Disjecta on N Interstate.
Portland’s dazzling Disjecta on N Interstate.
Another sold out Back Fence PDX night at Disjecta.  There's a reason they're packin' 'em in...
Another sold out Back Fence PDX night at Disjecta. There’s a reason they’re packin’ ’em in…

What else is new in this post?

Well, here’s a new BATH NIGHT photo you haven’t seen:

Get cleaned up for BATH NIGHT.
Get cleaned up for BATH NIGHT.

If you’re thinking, “Oh no, I’ve already seen that one”, you may be thinking of this one we showed you previously:

Locked and loaded.
Locked and loaded.

Also: Just because THE THREE SISTERS is sold out does not mean you can’t get in. They have actually added some balcony seats (I saw it a second time from the balcony on Sunday and it’s a perfectly fine view from up there), and the standby list is a near surefire way to get in.

So go the extra mile for Anton and this memorable production, which closes Sunday.

And for the traditionalists interested in continuity (you know who you are), what else is THE SAME in this post?

You can still watch Sean McGrath (and others – can you name them?) dance…

Dance, baby. Dance!


It’s (kinda) hot outside.

So what’s hot inside?

Just in time for the weekend – here are two shows to entice you into the great indoors.

First, opening on Friday is the latest from Sean McGrath, a sketch improv deal called BATH NIGHT. But it’s written and directed by McGrath and features Andrew Harris, Lori Ferraro, Brooke Totman, and Scott Engdahl – so we’re pretty sure you won’t take a bath if you invest in a ticket.

It runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays August 8th-30th at 8pm over at Shaking The Tree on SE Stark.

PoMo Interview with McGrath


Bonus: Watch Sean McGrath dance.

Shaking The Tree.
Shaking The Tree.

And second, as you’ve no doubt heard, THE THREE SISTERS at Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble is a thoroughly engaging new version of this classic from Dr. Dolor. Though all remaining shows are sold out, apparently people on the nightly standby list are getting in.

So take a chance and camp out at the line over at Reed.

You’ll be glad you did.

Feeling dirty? Clean up with Sean McGrath’s BATH NIGHT sketch comedy show Aug 8-30 at Shaking The Tree

The only info that can be divulged about this show is:

“Enter a world of hard boiled San Francisco cops, temple thugs, three toed sloths, sentimental airline pilots, NFL referees, and Korean Boy Bands. And that’s just the first twenty minutes.”

It’s a Sean McGrath joint. So wash your hair some other time and be there.

Aug 8-30


Locked and loaded.
Locked and loaded.