THE FLICK by Annie Baker at Barrow Street Theatre


Thrilling. Blindingly brilliant. @PulitzerPrize dead right on this one. Almost 3 1/2 hours of the kind of live experience film and TV can never duplicate. Hard to imagine a better production of this play. Exquisite direction. Super heightened focus. Much more here than initially meets the eye. Baker is a major talent.

Thru August 30

THE FLICK by Annie Baker coming to Barrow Street Theatre in May

Right after Annie Baker won the Pulitzer last year for THE FLICK, there was brief talk of a Broadway run. Then there was talk of a fall (2014) run at Barrow Street. Then nothing happened.

The good news is THE FLICK is indeed coming to Barrow Street Theatre starting May 5. It’s the original cast from Playwrights Horizons. There could be no better venue for this play than Barrow Street, so if you missed the PH show, here’s your chance.

Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village.
Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village.

50 words: BUYER & CELLAR by Jonathan Tolins at Barrow Street Theatre

Pure theatrical gold. Despite an opening disclaimer that none of what follows is true, Michael Urie’s portrayal of Barbra Streisand and the hapless gay guy who runs a mall in her basement feels spot on. Super smart writing and crack physical delivery. Withering stream of darts at celebrity targets. Brilliant.

Thru January 5 at Barrow Street Theatre