Elves, reindeer, snowmen, wigs | RUDOLPH ON STAGE! from Bad Reputation Productions has it all

The gang’s all here for this Bad Reputation Productions holiday onslaught. As seen on TV – only better. Tony Marcellino does yeoman’s service as Santa. Paul Glazier on a tear with ear muffs. John Breen has hair. The narrative wanders, but for a good time where they serve beer, this is it.

Thru Dec 20


Coming soon from Bad Reputation Productions.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving – so what do you do? How about go to the theatre…


Adapted to the stage by Shelley McLendon
Directed by John Breen
Produced by Bad Reputation Productions
Music by Jonny Newsome

Wm. Stephen Humphrey
Jed Arkley
Tony Marcellino
Michael Fetters
Shelley McLendon
Janet Rivera
Erin O’Regan
Brad Fortier
Scott Engdahl
John Breen
Marshall Bradley

Friday and Saturday nights
The CoHo Theater
7:30 pm
Nov 29-Dec 21
2 KID FRIENDLY MATINEES : Saturday Dec 14 and 21 2pm (only $15)
$20 presale/ $24 door

For real.
For real. Michael Fetters knocked out one of his teeth for this photo.

50 words: SLINGSHOT by Bad Reputation Productions

If this newish offering from prolific Portland comedy purveyor Bad Reputation Productions is not already high on your must see list, please inscribe it there ASAP. Tightly scripted opening act by The Aces hysterical. Fetters and McLendon are subversively funny. Bryan Coffee’s BRINK OF EXTINCTION highly theatrical, thoughtful, original. Kaboom.

Is this a weekend which I see before me?

Indeed, my liege.

And so.

We go.

To the theatah.

What’s on?

It’s a bit of an in between moment before the end of season onslaught kicks in. And it is gonna be an onslaught if you look ahead to April.

Also – this weekend every show in town is going to have to go up against the world’s biggest star.

Namely, the great fireball in the sky.

Hmmm.  Sit inside a dark space or...?
Hmmm. Sit inside a dark space or…?

It’s the time of the year when a blast of good weather sends people outside, and the theatre has to be better than ever if the pitch is to come inside instead.

But right now here’s what’s happening in the great indoors.

If you haven’t seen MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD by Helen Edmundson at Portland Playhouse, which is on through 4.14 (just extended a second time), that should be a priority. It’s a rewarding play in a small space with some terrific performances.

Meanwhile, back at the Armory… That rumbling sound you hear is not the Portland streetcar. It’s the heavy machinery of Slingshot being wheeled into place in the Ellen Bye Studio. Come join a galaxy of Portland improv and comedy peeps. Two different shows Friday and Saturday, so go both nights. A mere $15 in advance ($20 door). Tickets

And over at the inventive Post Five Theatre is ARABIAN NIGHTS by Mary Zimmerman directed by Philip Cuomo.

East Side Story.
East Side Story.

interview: Shelley McLendon – Bad Reputation Productions

For number 10 in the interview series, we get the latest from Shelley McLendon, CCO (Chief Comedy Officer) of Bad Reputation Productions. McLendon is a member of comedy / improv acts The Aces and The Liberators, among others, and famously brought Roadhouse: The Play! (an adaptation of that Patrick Swayze film you were re-watching again last night) right “to your face”, as she would say.

Or at least all the way to the stage in the Ellen Bye Studio at the Armory.

Which is relatively close to your face.

This weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, the Armory will once again be the site of yet another McLendon vehicle: Slingshot, a night of smartsexy improv.

So be there. And laugh – OR ELSE!!!

McLendon and Michael Fetters of The Aces.  photo © 2013 andy batt - www.andybatt.com
McLendon and Michael Fetters of The Aces. photo © 2013 andy batt – http://www.andybatt.com

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Slingshot returns to Portland Center Stage March 29-30

Bad Reputation Productions, the Portland comedy power house that never sleeps, is back. This exciting company launches new acts faster than a Portland cop racks up overtime.

And they are damn good (the comedy acts).

Did you catch The Aces in the first Slingshot at PCS, back in January? Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon were at the top of their game in that show. On view in March will be folks from The Liberators and The Administration, among others.

In this next installment of Slingshot, it’s two nights of improv comedy based on hilarious personal stories told by guest monologists.

The performance on Friday, March 29 will feature guest monologist Christine McKinley from The History Channel’s Decoded. The Saturday, March 30 performance will feature monologists Julie Sabatier, creator and host of the public radio show and podcast Destination DIY; and Loren Hoskins, the voice of “Sharky” on Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

That’s right, two different shows, so you must see them both.

And speaking of the exploding world of comedy, improv, and storytelling in Portland – look for an interview with Shelley McLendon, the force behind Bad Reputation Productions, coming up soon.

Photo: The Liberators burn it down at IFCC in January.


50 words: Slingshot – The Aces at Portland Center Stage

This you will know: Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon are killingly funny. And they’re smart. Even when they’re dogs and birds. Or maybe especially then. Several clever storylines here. Favorite: Wild Kingdom style anthropological study (complete with British voiceover) of adolescent American mating rituals at the roller rink. More please.

Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon.  Photo: Andy Batt.
Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon. Photo: Andy Batt.

SLINGSHOT, a new comedy series from Bad Reputation Productions, begins January 11 at PCS with THE ACES

Coming soon – about a week away – is the first installment of SLINGSHOT, a new comedy series from Bad Reputation Productions.

If you saw ROADHOUSE: THE PLAY! and THE LOST BOYS – LIVE! you’ll know who you’re dealing with.

January 11-12 at 8PM in the studio at PCS. More info here.

Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters.
Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters. Photo: Andy Batt.