The Ferryman Royal Court
Sure, they’re British. But still. Londoners have lost their minds over Jez Butterworth’s new play, THE FERRYMAN.

Hark! It’s a rock concert, it’s a world cup soccer match, it’s a – play?

If now and then you forgot just how insanely popular theatre can be when a play connects with the audience in a real theatre town, well, we’d understand.

I mean, outside of HAMILTON and a few other shows, how often is it that an old-fashioned theatre play sets a city on fire?  It happens.  But way less frequently than it should.

Too often it’s the opposite end of the spectrum – begging and pleading with people to shell out $8 for a show.  And still they won’t come.  That’s not how it should be.

Well, hello London.  Jez Butterworth’s new play THE FERRYMAN started previews this past Monday at the Royal Court, and it appears we have a Nantucket sleigh ride on our hands.

If you have not witnessed women, children and men raving their bollocks off over a play, you better take a look at the #TheFerryman stream.

This is the way it should be.  Theatre reaching people.  Changing them.  Going to the absolute top of a city’s must see list.

It can still happen.

Does Jez Butterworth make you horny, baby? London says yes.