So you keep hearing about mobile this and mobile that and how important mobile everything is.  Kind of tiring, right?

It’s nowhere near as tiring as the experience customers have trying to navigate your non responsive web site or email on mobile.  In 2017.

When mobile experience can be so good, so compelling – there is no reason to have a bad mobile experience.  Why would you?

Friends don’t let friends build non responsive web sites.  Or email.

What does a theatre web site that fully harnesses the power of mobile look like?

Feast your eyes.

Center Theatre Group
Center Theatre Group’s web site on mobile is a fully engaging show.

Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles is a great example of just how good a mobile experience can be.  It’s so good, in fact, that you feel like you’re there in the lobby getting ready for a show.

The experience of the web site on mobile is itself a show.  It’s something fun you want more of.  It’s the show before the show.

Scroll down, take it in, marvel at how clear and engaging it all is.  On that smallish slab of glass in your pocket.

It’s night and day compared to mobile experiences like this or this or this.

If your information (which means email and web) is not optimized for an elegant, distinctive experience on mobile, a lot of your audience members simply won’t ever read it.