There are a lot of exciting things in the theatre these days. London’s Royal Court Theatre is one of them.  Jez Butterworth is another.  And a new play by Jez Butterworth at the Royal Court?  It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.  THE FERRYMAN opens April 24.

The show sold out in an instant and announced a West End transfer.  If past is prologue, it will make its way to New York within a year or so.

If you saw JERUSALEM you know Butterworth can write.  And, yeah, having Mark Rylance as the lead didn’t exactly ding up that play’s prospects.  Rylance isn’t in this one – but a boat load of other great actors are.

THE FERRYMAN cometh.  Get ready for what will likely be one of the higher voltage new plays of 2017.

If you can’t make opening night in London, the play will be available as the curtain goes up.

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