Great email is how the audience knows the show is great

Let’s be brutally honest.  Most theatre email marketing sucks.  It looks like it was designed by your 65 year old Uncle Charlie, who’s not big into – you know – design.  It’s boring and dull.  And it’s ineffective.  It simply assumes that the audience cares – vs. telling them WHY they should care.  It doesn’t display on mobile.  It’s one of the reasons your seats are empty and tickets are going for half off fire sales at the online equivalent of Rocco’s 24 Hour Pawn.

Here are a few examples of theatre email that go straight in the trash.


The audience has much better things to do than consume bad email.  Or see bad shows.

So how do you get the audience to start coming?  One way is to send great email.  You need creative talent for this.  You need designers and copywriters and someone who understands brand.

So if you want your company to be more than after school daycare for theatre people – kept afloat by foundation grants and largesse from the 1% – start sending great email sooner rather than later.  If you build it, they will come.

Here is what a great email looks like.