Weekend Picks | The great indoors calls: PETE, Risk/Reward, The Kilroy Festival

Even when the biggest star in town is holding court every day (and up until about 9 PM each night) all summer long in Portland, The Dock isn’t the only place to be.

There are also a few cool, dark places to explore indoors.

You know – theatre spaces.

And lo! This weekend suddenly has a boat load of good summer time picks for you.

So give up your space on The Dock for a few hours. It’ll be there when you get back. Plus you know the Willamette is a super fund site, right?

This weekend holds nothing less than this in store for you: The latest from Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, Portland’s coolest summer performance festival Risk/Reward, and a showcase of Kilroy plays from the brand new Hearth Collective.

All in one weekend! You can ping pong back in forth between all of those like a sun-drenched sailor.

7.10-18 Risk/Reward
7.12 The Hearth Collective – THE KILROY FESTIVAL

If that’s not sufficient, you may consider moving to Bly, Oregon. Where you might catch something at the Star.

And in future, you don’t have to wait breathlessly for these scintillating blog posts to stay current on cool weekend stuff. Oh no. You can see the list of recommended shows any time under your very own click power – any time. We aim to please.

The Star Theater in Bly, Oregon.
The world famous Star Theater in Bly, Oregon.