TodayTix could be the new mobile ticketing solution

As you know, digital experience and online ticketing are a major interest of mine. In a world of increasingly instant buy decisions, if it still takes nine clicks to buy a theatre ticket, and especially if you can’t do it from your mobile, some people simply won’t bother. The UX for buying a theatre ticket should be just like buying a book on Amazon – you search, find what you want, and buy. Boom. All on your mobile of course.

In the still medieval theatre technology world, and especially on Broadway, ticketing platforms is tied to spaces. And given the power of concentrated ownership, if a show is in a certain space, it has to use a certain platform. Take away the competitive, customer-driven focus, and you often get some simply horrible UX.

If you’ve ever tried to use telecharge or any of the other big, bad clunky systems, you know how bad it can be. Like this.

Well, all hail the disruptive innovator TodayTix. This startup by two former theatre producers is aiming for nothing less than effortless mobile ticket UX for the younger generation, with a focus on distributing last minute discounted inventory. It’s a great idea, and hopefully this new company will start to push Broadway in the direction it needs to go.

In NYC looking for a show?  It's effortless to browse last minute deals on TodayTix.
In NYC looking for a show? It’s effortless to browse last minute deals on TodayTix.

TodayTix does not have prices anywhere near as low as TDF (which technically you can only access if you’re an employee of a New York City non profit), but it does have a great mobile app which makes browsing for shows part of the show. Check it out. You can also set up alerts: “Tell me when tickets to HEISENBERG become available.” No brainer, right? But no one is doing it yet.

It will be interesting to see who wins as multiple new ticketing companies duke it out in the all important mobile space.