SOLD OUT | #DumpSite at Seattle Immersive Theatre extends (for THIRD time) through July 5

Hmmm.  Wonder what's inside that tent?  #DumpSite
Hmmm. Wonder what’s inside that tent? #DumpSite

Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a serious hit on our hands.

#DumpSite, one of the most exciting theatrical experiences I’ve had in the last few years (and I see a lot of theatre), has extended its open run in Seattle. Again. For the third time.

And this time they’ve added on not one week, as they did in each of the two previous extensions, but two. So there are now eight additional dates available running through July 5.

This show from Seattle Immersive Theatre has been going since the end of April. Word has spread, and now demand from the audience is building.

I don’t know about you, but when something is good, I’m willing to travel for it. And I usually have to go a lot farther than 160 miles. So what you have right now is the chance to see something that could change your whole idea of how theatre can be delivered relatively close by. Did we mention it’s also a stunning gothic Northwest thriller? Paging David Lynch…

It is very cool to see a self-producing outfit like SIT originate a project like this and have it go on to be wildly successful in an open run format. What it tells you is that the audience is hungry for the real thing. If you can create the good stuff, they’ll be there. If you can’t, even $20 or $12 or $5 tickets on Goldstar won’t attract them. Because it’s not about price – it’s about quality. Create an experience you can’t get anywhere else – and the audience will beat down your door.

In a landscape where the very largest regional theatres often struggle to sell tickets for $20, audience members of all ages are gladly shelling out $35 for the chance to see this immersive theatre experience by Julia Nardin (writer), Gin Hammond (director) and Paul Thomas (producer).

Actually strike that. As an audience member in this original production, you don’t “see” the show. That’s what you do in traditional theatre, where the audience all sit in chairs. In #DumpSite it’s more like you’re in the midst of the action. You “experience” the show.

There are only 20 tickets a night, guaranteeing that you’ll have an unforgettable intimate experience. But unfortunately that means that as word spreads, there aren’t many tickets available. Which is why the thing keeps selling out five minutes after each extension.

This is entrepreneurial theatre at its very best: artists with skin in the game making real artistic and business decisions – because it’s their time and money on the line. That’s part of why the experience is so good and authentic.

So get ye to Seattle.

And check it out.

You can see more photos of the show here.