#DumpSite at Seattle Immersive Theatre close to sold out

In #DumpSite at Seattle Immersive Theatre, there are no boundaries between the show and the audience.
In #DumpSite at Seattle Immersive Theatre, there are no boundaries between the show and the audience.

If you’re a bit of a fanatic about something – food, wine, soccer, art – chances are you’ve been known to travel to get more of the very best of whatever it is you like.

Good stuff is worth traveling for. Not that you can’t get good stuff at home. But sometimes there’s something about going to experience a really, really good item in its native habitat – if and when it exists.

So here’s another ping to remind you that if you like theatre, one of the most exciting shows I’ve seen in a long while ANYWHERE is on right now at an undisclosed warehouse in Seattle’s SoDo (“south of downtown”) neighborhood. And that’s #DumpSite by Julia Nardin at Seattle Immersive Theatre.

The good news: It’s the kind of dramatic live experience that will put the hair back on your chest and a skip in your stride. Have you been dining at Olive Garden for your theatrical fare lately? Then eating from this rich local menu may come as a bit of a shock to the system. Yes, the theatre can still be this good. So good that 20 somethings are shelling out $35 a night to go.

The bad news? It’s almost sold out.

Word (as word is wont to do when there’s something good going on) has spread. And shows are selling out. Only 20 audience members a night get the chance to enter the world of Reed Pickering and his sister Charlotte.

Here’s what Seattle is saying.

5.6.2015 The Stranger “Mesmerizing”

5.19.2015 The Seattle Times “Compelling… a painful rumination on loss and corrupted memories.”

More photos.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a fanatic, and have now made the trip north to see #DumpSite twice. It is definitely worth the trek. But you could also bundle in numerous other shows to make for a longer stay in the Jet City if a theatre kamikaze strike for a single show seems extravagant.

Need to shake up the system? Looking for something new and exciting?

Indulge yourself.

I GUARANTEE you’ll be glad you went.