Portland Art Museum security breach | Hallowed institution mistakenly grants Late Night Action access to Whitsell Auditorium

12.5.2014 UPDATE Photos from the Whitsell

Well, nobody’s perfect.

Apparently that includes the decision-making apparatus at the Portland Art Museum.

By some apparent crossing of wires, the up and coming, down and dirty Portland talk show Late Night Action has been granted access to perform in the PAM’s Whitsell Auditorium, one of downtown’s most venerated spaces. Unless this oversight is detected quickly, Late Night Action will be holding their next show in the Whitsell this coming Thursday night.

This can't be real.
This can’t be real.

Reached for comment, LNA host Alex Falcone explained: “We have no idea what happened. We were prepared to perform again in our usual space, but messages on the interwebs got crossed and – well. Our confirm email said we’re in the Whitsell. I showed it to Bri Pruett and she was like ‘&%$$# $##$!&!’. Sorry, you probably can’t print any of that. But I said ‘I totally agree.’ What can you do? Looks like we’ll be forced to perform in one of Portland’s most beautiful spaces. So. We’ll #LiveThroughThis somehow.”

Meanwhile Mississippi Studios in North Portland is preparing for a one night screening of NEKO SAMURAI from the Northwest Film Center, which normally plays its films in the Whitsell. An event manager reached for comment at Mississippi Studios was puzzled but amenable to the change in schedule. “We usually have Late Night Action here, so showing a movie from the Northwest Film Center seems weird, but this is Portland so I guess that means it will be packed. I got an email saying it’s a film not Late Night Action. We’re good with it.”

Over at PAM, the authorities had heard not a peep about the scheduling flub. “Late night what?” responded the operations department. “In the Whitsell? Please. Yeah, that’ll happen. Next!”

Anyway, the less said the better.

Meanwhile, take advantage of this grave lapse in protocol and get ye to Late Night Action this Thursday in (this is not a joke) the one and only Whitsell Auditorium.


"We're performing where?"  Alex Falcone and Bri Pruett react to news that Late Night Action is moving to the Whitsell Auditorium.
“We’re performing where?” Alex Falcone and Bri Pruett react to news that Late Night Action is moving to the Whitsell Auditorium.