T-10 until LBJ invades the Northwest | Seattle braces for one of the most exciting theatrical events the Jet City has ever seen

RING fever in 2013 at Seattle Opera. Get ready for sold out houses and shattered box office records at Seattle Rep as Robert Schenkkan’s massive and surprisingly relevant two play study of LBJ hits town.

Are you ready, Seattle? I can’t heeeeeear you.

It’s time to suit up, saddle up and show up.

Because something WICKED your way comes. Something wicked good (for the Mainers in the house).

It’s bearing down like a February storm on Puget Sound. And based on all advance indicators, it’s going to quite possibly be a direct hit the likes of which the Jet City has NEVER seen before.

So batten down the hatches, get out your calendar, and launder the black tie formal wear. Seattle, if you don’t like a little drama in your life, then the next two months are going to be downright difficult. Deal with it.

What, pray tell, is “it”?


* It’s one of the biggest national theatrical events in the 2014-15 season
* It’s breaking box office records
* It’s by a local playwright
* It’s spawning sold out runs on Broadway and across the country
* It’s spawning HBO movies with the likes of Bryan Cranston and Stephen Spielberg involved

Oh – and P.S. Sounders fans: It’s made in Oregon. Ha. Sorry. Had to.

It would be hard to exaggerate just how exciting and electrifying “it” is going to be. But (as you know) we’ll try.

Nutshell: The OSF production of Robert Schenkkan’s epic, acclaimed two play cycle about LBJ starts up at Seattle Rep on November 14. That’s next Friday, people.

And here’s a tip: It’s going to create sold out pandemonium that you may not have seen since last year’s RING cycle packed McCaw Hall. So don’t wait until you hear about it in the paper. Plan ahead.

Portlanders – schedule a weekend trip up north when you can catch both plays on the same day. You may also be able to fit in watching the Sounders lose a game at home if you want.

This is your wake up call. Come be part of American theatre history in the making.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for an experience like this?

Well here it is.