It’s (kinda) hot outside.

So what’s hot inside?

Just in time for the weekend – here are two shows to entice you into the great indoors.

First, opening on Friday is the latest from Sean McGrath, a sketch improv deal called BATH NIGHT. But it’s written and directed by McGrath and features Andrew Harris, Lori Ferraro, Brooke Totman, and Scott Engdahl – so we’re pretty sure you won’t take a bath if you invest in a ticket.

It runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays August 8th-30th at 8pm over at Shaking The Tree on SE Stark.

PoMo Interview with McGrath


Bonus: Watch Sean McGrath dance.

Shaking The Tree.
Shaking The Tree.

And second, as you’ve no doubt heard, THE THREE SISTERS at Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble is a thoroughly engaging new version of this classic from Dr. Dolor. Though all remaining shows are sold out, apparently people on the nightly standby list are getting in.

So take a chance and camp out at the line over at Reed.

You’ll be glad you did.