ANONYMOUS THEATRE prepares to pack the house – again – with THE CRUCIBLE on August 18

They (“those” people – namely Anonymous Theatre) pack the Gerding Theater every year for one August (in both senses) night of hilariously under-rehearsed, over-amped theatre.

You know the drill. If you don’t it’s this:

“A play is selected. Auditions are held. The play is cast… secretly.

The identity of the cast is kept secret from everyone. Everyone… even from the cast itself. Cast members know their role and their role only. They do not know the identity of their fellow actors and do not reveal their participation in the project to anyone. No one (except the casting board) knows who is in the show.

The actors rehearse one-on-one with the director. Then, on the night of the performance, the cast arrives in street clothes and enters the theatre as if they are members of the audience. They take their seats in the house. They read their programs, chat with their neighbors, and in all ways behave like normal audience members. The house lights dim and the play begins, with each actor delivering his or her first line from the audience. All the cast members discover one another’s identity for the first time on stage, in front of a live audience.”

Arthur Miller’s demented witch trial thriller is on tap this time.

Burn, bitches!

I mean witches.

August 18
7:00 PM

The Gerding Theater at The Armory



Fill 'er up - with funny.
Fill ‘er up – with funny.