BALLYTURK countdown: Something “insane” is coming your way | Video interview with Enda Walsh, Cillian Murphy, Mikel Murfi, and Stephen Rea

“After years of making work, the ambition is still to keep theatre alive, dangerous, unknowable and dreadfully f**king exciting for an audience.”
-Enda Walsh

A sold out world premiere of BALLYTURK by Enda Walsh is on in Galway’s Black Box Theatre. And if you’ve got a ticket, you’re one of the luckiest people on earth.

New Irish plays bound for stages all over the world routinely begin life in small spaces like Galway’s Black Box. It’s great to catch them wherever you can later – London, New York, LA, Sydney. But nothing compares to seeing the original production in the home town theatre in front of the home town crowd.

Here’s an invigorating video interview (inside an Irish Times story) with the four artists involved. It beautifully captures why these Enda Walsh plays are so memorable and unique – especially when you see them with an Irish cast.

UPDATE: Here’s the video only

According to Walsh, “The piece is the most crazy, wild, charged thing I think I’ve ever done.” If you know his other plays – that is saying something!

“You won’t go as a human being to BALLYTURK and NOT come out on the other side going “Oh my god!”
-Mikel Murfi

“With Enda you always know it will be unique and original. There is no one else like him.”
-Cillian Murphy

“It will be an evening of pure theatre. It won’t be about something – it will be something.”
-Stephen Rea

High praise. But Walsh is the real deal.

After Galway, BALLYTURK heads to Dublin, Cork, and the National Theatre in London.

After that… stay tuned for US tour details.

7.15.2014 Irish Times Review

BALLYTURK is here.  Enda Walsh: "It's so insane and terrifying!"
BALLYTURK is here. Enda Walsh: “It’s so insane and terrifying!”