FREE CHIPS & SALSA | Standup comedy showcase at Action/Adventure with Bri Pruett, Anthony Lopez, Alex Falcone on July 19

Do you need more action and adventure in your life? Do you restlessly scan event listings, wondering where your next laugh will come from? Do you fret that there is absolutely no way you’ll be able to spend that extra $5 you have in the shoebox in July unless you can find the right show?

Well fear not. From the ever burgeoning swarm of professional humorists that hang around the A/A clubhouse on SE Clinton 24/7, here’s your next option.

There’s comedy, free chips and salsa from Juanita’s, and appearances by Bri Pruett (Willamette Week’s 5 Funniest), Anthony Lopez (Bridgetown, Bumbershoot) and Alex Falcone (Portlandia, Live Wire! Radio, this press release).

But don’t answer yet. This thing also saws through metal pipes. (If you don’t need to saw through metal pipes, we still recommend you get this and keep it around the house – just in case.) You also get Helium favorite Sean Jordan (Funny Over Everything, Doug Loves Movies) PLUS renowned foot juggler (?!) Nick Landes and former child stars of the country music circuit The Famous Haydell Sisters.

July 19th at 9pm
Action/Adventure Theatre
1050 SE Clinton St

So there ye have it.