From garage startup to booming business in five short years | Ashland’s Noble Coffee Roasting embodies the promise of southern Oregon’s entrepreneurial, progressive economy

Noble Coffee Roasting
281 Fourth Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Distance from the festival: 0.6 miles Map

Through these doors - comes just about everyone.
Through these doors – comes just about everyone.

If you think America isn’t still a land of limitless opportunity, I’ve got a coffee shop you should visit.

It’s got a great name (from the founder’s grandfather, who was Noble Dukes [Ed.: That is quite a name!]), a great story, and a great location.

But perhaps most important of all, Ashland’s Noble Coffee Roasting has great coffee.

In five short years, husband and wife team Jared and Carolyn Rennie have built a coveted west coast brand and one of Ashland’s most appealing coffee shops, all the while giving a lot back to the community. Located just east of the main drag in the cool Fourth Street area, Noble’s world headquarters is the place to be on any given morning. And it’s hard to believe it has only been around for five years.

Noble is a great example of what is possible with vision, passion – and a never ending supply of caffeine.

So what’s your big dream?

Because it’s going to be five years from now in about five minutes…


They move about 1200 pounds of the golden bean daily.
They move about 1200 pounds of the golden bean daily.


Time to Noble up, y'all.
Time to Noble up, y’all.
Yes, please.
Yes, please.



Serious hardware.
Serious hardware.
Sit outside when it's nice.
Sit outside when it’s nice.