This week: All Ashland, all the time | Places to stay, eat, hike, run (and see theatre) in Oregon’s sunny south

You probably already know that Ashland, Oregon is home to one of America’s leading theatres. But you may not know all the other incredible things about the place that make visiting such a special experience. Ashland is not a one trick pony. Not at all. It’s a renaissance town, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, and great food. And milk shakes. It really does have it all.

The outdoor stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is open, so this week it’s back to the Rogue Valley to see what’s up. In addition to the usual theatre coverage, stay tuned for profiles of special Ashland gems you’ll want to know about if you’re planning to visit.

Answer pressing questions on your list such as:

Where can I get a plate of tacos?
Where can I have brunch?
Where can I have dinner?
What’s the coolest place to stay?
What trails should I run?
What coffee shop should I hang in?
What’s the best thing to do in between an afternoon and evening show?
Where can I find a drum circle?
Where can I buy patchouli and crystals?

Answers to all these and more – oh so many, many more – will be yours so very, very soon, dear reader.