New play reading: AN ISLAND by Jenni GreenMiller | Wednesday, May 21 @ Performance Works Northwest

Free reading of a new play.


by Jenni GreenMiller

Wednesday, May 21

Performance Works NW
4625 SE 67th Avenue


Keith Swallow
Sarah Keyes Chang
Jane Vogel
Scott Carson
Greg Alexander
Kevin S. Martin
Liam Stabeno
Brynn Baron
Maryann Ward

In 1949, seeking isolation from the rest of the world, Arthur and Nan Kellam purchased a 550-acre island off the coast of Maine. Arthur was an engineer for Lockheed Martin and it was rumored that he was on the team that engineered the Atomic bomb. Nan Kellam was an economist. The Kellam’s were conservationists before their time; dedicated to the preservation and privatization of an island they felt could only be appreciated by its true inhabitants. Without modern conveniences of any kind, it’s only tenants, Arthur Millis Kellam and Leone (Nan) M. Kellam lived on Placentia Island for thirty five years. The play is a portrait of their lives, the mental and physical toll of such an unusual lifestyle, and a relationship that endured and prospered in isolation.