The action is at Action/Adventure Theatre

As you know, we rarely miss a chance to plug Portland’s raw and rowdy Action Adventure Theatre.


Quite simply, because against an artistic landscape that all too often features the prefab, the known, and (brace yourself) the whimsical – A/A stands out as wholly original and authentic.

At a cost to you, the audience, of nearly zero, Action Adventure creates vibrant live performance out of and for Portlanders. Their shows are exciting. Nearly every one is sold out. And they serve beer.

Haven’t been to the ever expanding A/A space on SE Clinton yet? Then you are missing out. BIG TIME. The DIY clubhouse of fun can be conveniently reached by bike, car, light rail, or even freight train – if that’s how you roll.

The future looks bright for Action Adventure. Here’s a wonderful account by ArtsWatch’s A. L. Adams of her experience being a part of the recently closed Pilot Season at A/A.

So when, you ask, is the next opportunity to experience the roving Spanish galleon of entertainment that is Action Adventure?

Why it’s May 24 at the annual INSPIRED BY fund raiser at Secret Society.

Be there.