Grow local: A KADDISH FOR BERNIE MADOFF by Alicia Jo Rabins returns May 8-11 at PSU

Unless you were strapping on the skis during this past February’s snow storm, you may have missed the first run of A KADDISH FOR BERNIE MADOFF, a Boom Arts production at Portland Playhouse. As the weather gods got their knickers knotted in high dudgeon and the silent white descended, the show went on (as it must).

But a lot of you didn’t make it.

For those of us who did, the evening was a season highlight – a classic serving of homegrown Portland culture in a neighborhood venue. Rabins is an intriguing stage presence, and using image, song, and word, she finds a way to gently loft up this terrible story, and asks us to behold and consider it and all its impacts from multiple angles. A rare and subtle handling.

If you missed out, it’s coming back next weekend at PSU’s Lincoln Hall Studio Theatre for four shows.