Is this a weekend which I see before me?

Here comes the weekend. So what’s to do? Forget the Netflix House of Cards binge. How about something live?

Starting tonight – it’s the latest serial improv comedy from the very funny folks at Action/Adventure. If you’re one of those Portlanders fixated on local this and local that – it doesn’t get any more local than Action/Adventure. The SE theatre group creates original work for its fanatical young audience at an affordable price, and have officially been killing it for years now. You’re welcome.

But wait. Don’t answer yet. Action/Adventure’s theatre can also saw through metal pipes. You also get…

[70’s TV reference for A/A audience members who weren’t born yet.]

Instead of just one nightly offering, you get two.

SIDEKICKS runs in the 8 PM slot Thursday – Sunday (same episode each week, four different weeks), and then PILOT SEASON runs in the late night slot Thursday – Saturday at 10 PM. PILOT SEASON is a series of experiments for what could be next year’s new show.

So pick one night a week for the next four weeks, and come catch two different shows a night on the right side of the tracks (if you love trains, that helps).

All the info you could ever want is here.

Trains gone wild.
Trains gone wild.