Announcing PILOT SEASON at Action/Adventure | Running in the late night slot after SIDEKICKS April 3-26

It’s a simple but brilliant idea. What about a late night offering to match with the April run of SIDEKICKS at Action/Adventure?

SIDEKICKS runs in the normal 8 PM slot Thursday – Sunday for four weeks in a row April 3-27.

And now here’s what’s on in the 10 PM slot for Thursday-Saturday nights during the same time.


April 3-26, Thursday-Saturday, 10 PM

Tickets: $6 advance, $10 at door, $15 4-week pass; special door deals for people who see SIDEKICKS before.

All the info

Pilot Season will present four fully casted, mostly rehearsed, first episodes of a potential serial and the audience will get to vote which one gets a full production in Action/Adventure’s 2014-2015 season. (A full production means that 3 more episodes will be added to the first one and given a prime time spot in Action/Adventure’s season.)

April 3-5
Mars One
Directed by Nick Fenster
Mars One is the soon-to-be-almost-true story of brave pioneers making the one-way trip to start a new life on on Mars, with no hope of ever returning to Earth.

April 10-12
Do The D.A.N.C.E.
Directed by Devon Granmo
All she ever wanted to do was dance! Early 90s R&B, dance crews, a douchey fiancé, and clichés galore are all that stand between her and true love.

April 17-19
Outlaw’s Embrace
Directed by Greta Pauley West and Gregory Heaton
Our plucky young heroine has been accidentally abducted by a handsome, incidental outlaw. Can she escape with her maidenhood and honor intact? Can he?

April 24-26
Directed by Vivien Lyon
This is the story of what happens when friends go into business with each other, start a music venue in SE Portland, stop being polite and start getting real. They grow up.


Come one night a week in April for four weeks and see all of SIDEKICKS and the first episode of four different new show concepts – one of which will return in full next year.