Headwaters alert | Spring offerings at vibrant NE Portland space start this weekend

All hail the newly refurbished Headwaters. There’s action aplenty at this above the radar, on the map, right side of the tracks NE Portland hot spot.

It’s spring, so time for new things to grow.

WITD presents Mexican Ritual Dance Theatre Artist, Diego Piñón. Professional BRM Ensemble Performances + Solo Performance as part of a 6 week residency at The Headwaters Theatre.

About The BRM Ensemble: a developing North American ritual dance-theatre company, guided under the direction of International artist, Diego Piñón. Ensemble members come from throughout North America and currently include: Sheri Brown, Amelia Burns, Mizu Desierto, Nathan Montgomery, Leslie Castellano, Christopher Mankowski, & Kevin Cochran. During their second residency at The Headwaters Theatre, the company will spend 10 days of research and development towards the creation of a new work. Audience members will be invited to join the company for 2 evenings of a final offering from the company.

3.27-30 RHINOCEROS by Meshi Chavez
4.18-19 Headwaters – North American BRM Ensemble
5.11 Solo Performance – Diego Piñón

Workshop Performances:

April 27th, 6pm: Workshop performance of integrative dance participants

May 10th, 7pm: Workshop performance of intensive workshop participants


April 3: Community Outreach Workshop for Latino/a artists and immigrants

April 4-6: Introductory BRM weekend intensive (15 hours)

April 24: Community Outreach Workshop for At-risk youth

April 25-27: Performance Workshop for Integrated Dance (mixed ability, 15 hrs.)

May 3-10: Intensive Performance Workshop (56 hours)