This way to Leenane

It was 1995 and an unknown Londoner of Irish parentage thunked a new play down on the doorstep of Galway’s Druid Theatre.

He’d ridden all night by horseback from Dublin, and before that rowed an open currach across the Irish Sea from Holyhead in a gale, and before that run across England pursued by wild dogs – all the while with said script (miraculously unscathed) in hand.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic. But still.

In some such legendary origin moment was born one of the most influential Irish plays of the late 20th century. Opening in Galway in February 1996 and then moving on to London (Olivier Award) and New York (four Tony Awards), Martin McDonagh’s THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE took the world by storm and vaulted McDonagh, director Garry Hynes, and Druid to international stardom.

And now it’s coming to Portland to complete Third Rail’s production of the Leenane Trilogy. If you’re an old timer you’ll recall Third Rail’s unforgettable, Drammy-studded production of McDonagh’s THE LONESOME WEST, way back in May of 2006 at the IFCC. That show established Third Rail as Portland’s leading theatre, a role the dynamic company have continued to grow into ever since.

The morbidly gruesome fun all starts on May 30.

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

On Ireland's wild west coast, you will fine Leenane.
On Ireland’s wild west coast, you will fine Leenane.