Action/Adventure kicks off April with SIDEKICKS

Portland’s hometown theatre heroes are back. Wait – they never went anywhere. With a production of INDEPENDENT WOMEN now on and an installment of LATE NIGHT ACTION WITH ALEX FALCONE coming this weekend, Action/Adventure is consistently in the mix and has become one of the most reliable providers of by-the-people, for-the-people entertainment around. No theatuh or angst-ridden schmacting with drawn cudgels here. Just good clean fun.

And here comes the next serial, semi-improv comedy series: SIDEKICKS!

It’s the format you know and love from FALL OF THE BAND and FALL OF THE HOUSE (pause for moment of silence – Where is Addison? – ok, proceed): a different episode each week for four weeks.

The subject is:

“In a return to the popular semi-improvised format that brought Portland sold out shows like FALL OF THE HOUSE, CAPTURED BY ALIENS and FALL OF THE BAND, Action/Adventure Theatre presents SIDEKICKS!, a workplace comedy about heroes who are less than super. When the world is in peril, the Sidekicks are the ones that get the coffee and take the punches. They may not be the heroes that Portland wants, but they are the heroes that Portland deserves.”

SIDEKICKS | April 3-27, 2014

Directed by Noah Dunham and Pat Moran
Written by TJ Acena, Noah Dunham, Devon Wade Granmo, Emily Gregory, Aubrey Jessen and Pat Moran.

Starring: Leon Anderson, Jed Arkley, Nate Ayling, Nick Beaird, Noah Dunham, Matthew Hopkins, Aubrey Jessen, Katie Michels and Zoe Rudman
Featuring: Noelle Eaton, Nick Fenster, Devon Wade Granmo, Jake Michels, Schuyler Schmid and Greta West

Stage Manager: Randi Wigginton
Set: Kaye Blankenship
Costumes: Benja Barker and Emily Wright
Sound: Richard E. Moore
Lights: Erin Giblin
Props: Laura Fraley

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Photos: Pat Moran.